Spring Cleanse

25 Mar

BellybuttonThis coming Friday I’m starting a Spring Cleanse. 30 days: no dairy, no wheat, no alcohol, no sugar, little meat, no Facebook, yoga every morning and eating meals on reasonable times.

Meanwhile I’m eating all the chocolate in the house so I don’t have any temptations left around.

The Summer Gertrude Stein Came to Burning Man

21 Feb


Tick thick tick thick tick tick pea.
Thick tick thick thick thick tick pea.
Thick pea.
Pod stains not rain.

Stall street trimmings beer.
Beer being not bearings.

After and tall not stains. Game.
Gangly gags gore pain. Not pear.

A peasant a pheasant a pleasant deer. Not dear.
Dare not bare bot bang. Loud with feathers.

Chick click nick dick. Ping pong.
Not a dick. A deer.

Frog and Dog

19 Feb


I scratch my throat in surprise

There’s no demise; just the silence

Of a dog in disbelief of a paralyzed frog.

It could bite the shy amphibious

It could ruin its soft leather in a blow

But it chooses instead to stare incredulous.


If it kissed it, or hugged it, it would bruise

the cool immobility of the eternal moment

and one tough eye: “I’m here, you’ve got no say.”

Ruining the cloud of authority on a daring

minute in which a little thing is defiant

of an obviously more powerful being.


Its wavering eyelids express nothingness

like a meditating Buddha in its lowest form

shows a sharp understanding of ranks.

In this fast instant he can defy the bigger

Stronger being to stop and listen, making

A contemplating saint out of a Golden Retriever.

GLEANING – or the year Allen Ginsberg moved to the Mission

12 Feb


They wake up at 10:00, sometimes 11:00, walk down to Ritual Coffee Roasters and have a double latte with organic grass fed whole milk – the very own  Buddha blessed those cows, winks the barista with her tattoos covering her neck and ears with colorful spider webs, in the inside of her arms Sanskrit characters crawl up to her armpits these are my favorite Sutras as she hands out the perfectly embroidered heart shaped foam on top of a warm white china cup.

They read the news in their phones, update their statuses, flip through photographs and buy another coffee – this time single shot – with the credit cards they’re hoping to pay off when their writing, art, coding, contortionism, face painting, hardcore web porn finally pays off.

They go to their god walking gig, a Pit Bull and an 18-year-old half blind half deaf mini greyhound that means the world to their childless owner that is always out of the country. They can eat anything at his fridge and pantry and they score canned tuna with cooked eggs and olives, some salad they’ve got at the free farm stand on Sunday and saved in the dogs’ fridge since they don’t have a refrigerator at their basement studio.

They sit at a café on Valencia Street and try to work on their calling but get caught once again in the web of distractions. They give up and go to their yoga by donation hoping to get back into focus and promise not to drink coffee ever again, after going vegan at last.

They ride their fixies back home and at Shotwell they stumble upon an art opening with wine, champagne, bacon wrapped scallops skewers and ok paintings. The yoga made them hungry. Free is holier than vegan.

New Book in the Oven, and Launching Inkshares: Crowdfunding for Authors

7 Feb
Borrowed art from Yuhon, super cool designer - I fantasize enlisting his help with the project ;-)

Borrowed art from Yuhon, super cool designer – I fantasize enlisting his help with the project ;-)

It’s been a year now since I’ve published my first book, Catching Red Herring. It was an amazing learning process and now I’m happy to announce I’ve started a new project, The Surfer, The Fairies and The Stove with a new crowdfunding platform: Inkshares. Inkshares is a crowd-driven publisher. Their goal is to connect writers with readers and provide a flexible set of developmental and marketing resources. In doing so, they can bring quality literary work to life, paying authors more and costing readers less. They’re crowdfunding meets publishing. And I’m thrilled to be part of their launch! Please visit the project page to see what’s the new book all about…

When Yeats Took Up Surfing

29 Jan
Great surf shot thanks to heliosphere

Great surf shot thanks to heliosphere

She went out for her usual swim

“Not too close to shore!”

Ignoring elders advice and her mom scream

“Never past the break!”


But her fins were the stubborn type

And her eyes the wandering kind

She couldn’t but follow the hype

So humans can now walk over water…?


She swam with the seals

And even spotted a sea lion or two

Until a shadow covered her

And she wondered, what, how and who


She went up to the surface and saw

Something she’d never seen before

A man with golden long locks

Slide up on a wave till the shore


Mesmerized, she floated, her gaze just a bit out

Above the foam, until a knock hard on her head

Made her see stars and go sleep fast

Until she woke up in a drought


Drying, her eyes dry like burned wood

She could still see for the first and last time

The blue eyes of the water walker who could

Walk over water but could not ever save her.


* * * * *

…. always been fascinated by surfers. These days I’m thinking a lot about them.

Cooking with the Sherpa

23 Jan
My new friends, thanks to the Sherpa: Delicata Squash and Shiso.

My new friends, thanks to the Sherpa: Delicata Squash and Shiso.

Feels like a cooking reality show: this cute little black bag with the Tomato Sherpa wheelbarrow logo on it arrives at your house and now… deal with it. Face the facts: you as a cook, were stuck in a rut. You might not even have noticed, but you were. Buying always the same things at Whole Foods and your favorite farmer’s market; curious about those intriguing looking herbs at the Asian stand but never having the guts to ask what to do with them; flirting with the many different beautiful gourds and always coming back home safe with good old butternut squash…you were happy all right. But then the Sherpa comes home and takes you on a road less travelled. And turns your mind around and awaken different parts of your cooking self. I was reluctant at first, surely tempted by the idea of having a complete meal prepped and delivered to me – you mean all I need to do is my favorite part: the cooking?!? Who am I to afford such luxurious extravaganza? But when you factor in that you didn’t spend the time shopping, the ingredients come in exact amounts so there’s no waste (and no wilted bunched herbs you never got around cooking with again lurking in the fridge a week later…), the price ends up being pretty fair.

The first meal I tried was Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad with Miso Soup.

Their dishes are always on the healthy side, featuring lots of veggies. I love Vietnamese food but never go out for it since I’m allergic to MSG, and alas, cooking with the Sherpa I’m safe from harm! No MSG. It has vegan and gluten free options as well. Everything comes in neat little packages, the instructions are clear and the time is right: 25 minutes to come up with it… et voila! Asian restaurant fare on the table quicker than it takes to call, leave the house to pick it up and come back. And it tastes wholesomely home cooked. And you are sure of the quality of the ingredients since the Sherpa is picky: they “source the ingredients from local growers and sustainable producers for the freshest and most nutrient rich supply.” The meal was for two but both boyfriend and I got to have seconds.

My second experience with the Sherpa was Tempeh, Delicata Squash, and Shiso Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing. That one took me completely out of my comfort zone. And boy, was I glad it did. Shiso is so fragrant and beautiful and yet, never made it into my shopping bag. I’ve probably eaten it in restaurants, but never cooked with it. And there it was, winking at me. And tempeh. I love tempeh, but never bought it either. And combining coconut milk with it – it was just simply divine. Unexpected and welcome. I think I’ll be hitting the road very often with the Tomato Sherpa


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