The Summer Gertrude Stein Came to Burning Man

21 Feb


Tick thick tick thick tick tick pea.
Thick tick thick thick thick tick pea.
Thick pea.
Pod stains not rain.

Stall street trimmings beer.
Beer being not bearings.

After and tall not stains. Game.
Gangly gags gore pain. Not pear.

A peasant a pheasant a pleasant deer. Not dear.
Dare not bare bot bang. Loud with feathers.

Chick click nick dick. Ping pong.
Not a dick. A deer.


GLEANING – or the year Allen Ginsberg moved to the Mission

12 Feb


They wake up at 10:00, sometimes 11:00, walk down to Ritual Coffee Roasters and have a double latte with organic grass fed whole milk – the very own  Buddha blessed those cows, winks the barista with her tattoos covering her neck and ears with colorful spider webs, in the inside of her arms Sanskrit characters crawl up to her armpits these are my favorite Sutras as she hands out the perfectly embroidered heart shaped foam on top of a warm white china cup.

They read the news in their phones, update their statuses, flip through photographs and buy another coffee – this time single shot – with the credit cards they’re hoping to pay off when their writing, art, coding, contortionism, face painting, hardcore web porn finally pays off.

They go to their god walking gig, a Pit Bull and an 18-year-old half blind half deaf mini greyhound that means the world to their childless owner that is always out of the country. They can eat anything at his fridge and pantry and they score canned tuna with cooked eggs and olives, some salad they’ve got at the free farm stand on Sunday and saved in the dogs’ fridge since they don’t have a refrigerator at their basement studio.

They sit at a café on Valencia Street and try to work on their calling but get caught once again in the web of distractions. They give up and go to their yoga by donation hoping to get back into focus and promise not to drink coffee ever again, after going vegan at last.

They ride their fixies back home and at Shotwell they stumble upon an art opening with wine, champagne, bacon wrapped scallops skewers and ok paintings. The yoga made them hungry. Free is holier than vegan.

If William Carlos Williams Chose Persimmons Over Plums

22 Jan



Are funny

They look ugly

When ripe


Like a cult follower

I bring

Boxes to the market

So they won’t hurt

April is Time for…Mustard Greens!!!

4 Apr

Mustard GreensMustard greens are one my favorite seasonal greens; too bad I only find them in April, if lucky May. I just had my first encounter with them last Saturday at the Alemany Farmer’s Market. They’re like lovers who only come around in Spring time… and are always welcomed. And at $1 a bunch, they are one hell of a cheap date. And since each bunch is enough for roughly four portions, that means a quarter each time I enjoy these babies in a meal! Excellent. They are great either cooked or raw; either way you want to shred and slice them up. For salads, you can just mix them with other greens – goes great with arugula or red leafed lettuce – and use a lime based vinaigrette or something Asian oriented like roasted sesame oil and soy sauce. These choices of dressing will counterbalance the greens’ pungent flavor very nicely. As far as cooking goes, the simplest way is also my favorite: using sesame or peanut oil and one chopped garlic clove for each cup of cut up greens, sautee the garlic and fry the greens very quickly. If you want to get more complex, just add leeks, shallots and even mushrooms to the sautteing move beforehand. Add a dash of soy sauce and enjoy!

‘Catching Red Herring’ is Out and About! Go Get It!

24 Mar


It’s finally out! Please buy – it’s a fast, fun read – and if you could write a review at the Amazon site, I will be eternally grateful (and I might come over and cook you a meal from scratch – if you live close enough…;-)

Pistachio Pomegranate Crunch

15 Nov

This beautiful and powerful combination says hello Autumn like no other. It’s the perfect snack/dessert for the transition into the colder weather. Do you get that sweets craving in the mid afternoon? Me too. This is a very low calorie, protein rich antioxidant packed solution for that uncomfortable hunger that tends to turn on the sign for candy bar at the first moment you have it. But then, you come back to our senses and try to do something nicer to yourself. Like this crunchy snack.

Ayurvedic medicine considers pistachios an excellent tonic for the whole body.  I prefer using unsalted pistachios for this. And according still to the same ancient healing science from India, the pomegranate’s bitter and astringent flavors are beneficial for a congested liver – and a heart tonic and blood purifier on top of that. If you are too lazy to get the seeds out of the pomegranate, think of it as a Zen opportunity to practice patience and persistence.

I find that this crunch combo works wonders in a cheese plate, specially sided with a triple cream Brie or a petit Basque. Throw in some goat cheese and those little juicy rubies will really shine. But then forget about all that low calorie pep talk above. But hey, what’s life without some yummy cheese every once in a while? Just make sure the crunch over a cheese plate is reserved for special occasions.

Persimmon Papaya Salad

5 Nov

The hachiya persimmon is pretty much my favorite fruit of all – and coming from a fruit lover like I am, that means a lot. But that’s not a fruit for amateurs: you have to know when it’s ripe – about exactly when it looks like it’s almost going bad. Then it’s all juice and creamy and so messy it’s almost hard to eat. I usually cut it in quarters and scoop the meat out with a spoon. It’s sweet, flavorful and has got that life giving power in it, oozes with prana. And then there’s papaya – I grew up eating it in Brazil, it’s good for you, I like it but it’s kind of bland. So I came up with this fruit salad which has a nice ton sur ton visual to it and it’s simple yet full of surprises.

2 ripe hachiya ripe persimmons, cut in slices

2 cups cubed ripe papaya

Just mix the fruit and serve it in bowls.

But if you want to kick it up a notch, let’s say, in a dinner party, try sprinkling some cinnamon on it. Or the grainy contents of a vanilla bean (sooo good!). And to enrich it, you could serve it a la mode, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Or if you want to go richer but vegan, try doing it a la mode tropicale, with dairy free coconut ice cream. My favorite brand is Coconut Bliss, in particular their Naked Coconut flavor.

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