Pistachio Pomegranate Crunch

15 Nov

This beautiful and powerful combination says hello Autumn like no other. It’s the perfect snack/dessert for the transition into the colder weather. Do you get that sweets craving in the mid afternoon? Me too. This is a very low calorie, protein rich antioxidant packed solution for that uncomfortable hunger that tends to turn on the sign for candy bar at the first moment you have it. But then, you come back to our senses and try to do something nicer to yourself. Like this crunchy snack.

Ayurvedic medicine considers pistachios an excellent tonic for the whole body.  I prefer using unsalted pistachios for this. And according still to the same ancient healing science from India, the pomegranate’s bitter and astringent flavors are beneficial for a congested liver – and a heart tonic and blood purifier on top of that. If you are too lazy to get the seeds out of the pomegranate, think of it as a Zen opportunity to practice patience and persistence.

I find that this crunch combo works wonders in a cheese plate, specially sided with a triple cream Brie or a petit Basque. Throw in some goat cheese and those little juicy rubies will really shine. But then forget about all that low calorie pep talk above. But hey, what’s life without some yummy cheese every once in a while? Just make sure the crunch over a cheese plate is reserved for special occasions.


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