April is Time for…Mustard Greens!!!

4 Apr

Mustard GreensMustard greens are one my favorite seasonal greens; too bad I only find them in April, if lucky May. I just had my first encounter with them last Saturday at the Alemany Farmer’s Market. They’re like lovers who only come around in Spring time… and are always welcomed. And at $1 a bunch, they are one hell of a cheap date. And since each bunch is enough for roughly four portions, that means a quarter each time I enjoy these babies in a meal! Excellent. They are great either cooked or raw; either way you want to shred and slice them up. For salads, you can just mix them with other greens – goes great with arugula or red leafed lettuce – and use a lime based vinaigrette or something Asian oriented like roasted sesame oil and soy sauce. These choices of dressing will counterbalance the greens’ pungent flavor very nicely. As far as cooking goes, the simplest way is also my favorite: using sesame or peanut oil and one chopped garlic clove for each cup of cut up greens, sautee the garlic and fry the greens very quickly. If you want to get more complex, just add leeks, shallots and even mushrooms to the sautteing move beforehand. Add a dash of soy sauce and enjoy!


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