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Persimmon Papaya Salad

5 Nov

The hachiya persimmon is pretty much my favorite fruit of all – and coming from a fruit lover like I am, that means a lot. But that’s not a fruit for amateurs: you have to know when it’s ripe – about exactly when it looks like it’s almost going bad. Then it’s all juice and creamy and so messy it’s almost hard to eat. I usually cut it in quarters and scoop the meat out with a spoon. It’s sweet, flavorful and has got that life giving power in it, oozes with prana. And then there’s papaya – I grew up eating it in Brazil, it’s good for you, I like it but it’s kind of bland. So I came up with this fruit salad which has a nice ton sur ton┬ávisual to it and it’s simple yet full of surprises.

2 ripe hachiya ripe persimmons, cut in slices

2 cups cubed ripe papaya

Just mix the fruit and serve it in bowls.

But if you want to kick it up a notch, let’s say, in a dinner party, try sprinkling some cinnamon on it. Or the grainy contents of a vanilla bean (sooo good!). And to enrich it, you could serve it a la mode, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Or if you want to go richer but vegan, try doing it a la mode tropicale, with dairy free coconut ice cream. My favorite brand is Coconut Bliss, in particular their Naked Coconut flavor.

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